Mapa dels refugis de la travessia carros de foc

Cambiar Direccion Restanca Ventosa Llong Colomina Blanc Mallfre Amitges Saboredo Colomers
Time table
From To Estim. time
Restanca Colomers 3 h. to 4’30 h.
Colomers Saboredo 2 h. to 3 h.
Saboredo Amitges 2 h. to 3 h.
Amitges Mallafré 1h. to 1’15 h.
Mallafré Blanc 4 h. to 6 h.
Blanc Colomina 3 h. to 4 h.
Colomina Llong 4 h. to 6 h.
Llong Ventosa 5 h. to 7 h.
Ventosa Restanca 2’30 h. to 3’30 h.
From To Estim. time
Mallafré Pla de la Font 3h. a 4 h.
Pla de la Font Amitges 7h. a 8 h.

It’s posible to do the croising a counter clockwise


The Carros de Foc itinerary joins the nine staffed refuges located within the Aigües Tortes and Sant Maurici Lake National Park.

The entire route is in high mountain terrain, where granite boulders, rock quarries and paths mix together forming a route with a total of accumulation of 9200 meters and a distance of 55 kilometers.


The itinerary does not have special signing.

Clients will pass through areas with evident painted markers (signs) of the GR11.

On occasion clients will encounter wooden stakes painted yellow which mark the path. The majority of the time clients will follow the path using the stone cairns (rocks placed on top of one another) as a guide which other mountaineers have “built”.


The refuges are located between 1900 and 2400 meters above sea level. The average altitude of the route is 2400 meters and the highest point along the route is the Contraig Saddle at 2745 meters.

It is necessary to carry a map.