Frequently asked questions

Children must have the age and physical preparation to walk for several hours, along rocky high-mountain ground.

In about 60 – 70% of the route there isn’t any coverage. It is highly advisable to warn the family of this and be aware that there will be days when no communication will be established. Some refuges have a public phone, but mostly they don’t. Some may have Wi-Fi, with or without charge.

he route has no special marking. The National Park has its own marking policy complying with the regulations; we will also find the GR 11 signs. In any case, some experience in high-mountain trekking is necessary, and guiding services may be considered for safety.

Yes, and it is highly recommended to do it well in advance, particularly if you are going during the summer months.

In general, it is possible, but you must take into account that during certain periods of the year the livestock pastures in the mountain and may make the water dirty; you can always find water in the refuges.

If you have any special dietary needs, it is better to tell in advance. Last minute changes will be done “in situ”.

Most refuges have no specific facility for the laundry, but clothes can be hand-washed and there is usually a clothes line.

In general, it is possible. In some, it will depend on the moment and the state of the batteries on the day of arrival.

In general, it won’t be possible. Most refuges work with photovoltaic energy and its power is limited.

The National Park has its own regulations regarding dogs, and these must be on a leash at all times. Most refuges have no specific place for dogs. It is better to check with the refuge in advance.

Not in most of them, it is better to have cash with us.

It is a high-mountain crossing, and in bad weather conditions it can get really complicated; in case of doubt, it is better to take easier routes and consider hiring the services of a guide.

It is not a possible option.

Get to the refuge as fast as possible and ask for help. It is highly recommended to have a specific insurance at the moment of doing the reservation.

The National Parks specifically forbids any of these two options.

All of them have showers, but not all of them have hot water.

Refuges have a schedule, and opening hours have to be respected as much as possible. Services will finish at some point in the day.

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